horizontal press

It has been developed to be used in machining workshops or transmission assembly, motor assembly, reducer assembly lines. It is designed and produced by the expert staff of GDF Engineering. The horizontal bushing fastening press guarantees precise hammering of bushings onto the body, whether cryogenically cooled or not. It is one of the best solutions for product accuracy and quality production with its compact structure and plc-controlled structure with feedback, in the nailing of parts such as pin bush shaft on casting bodies used in automotive assembly lines, especially in tractor and construction equipment assembly lines.

Horizontal Fastening Press Features

The machine body is made of 50mm steel material in one piece.

Oil tanks, valves and pistons inside the machine are selected from long-lasting quality materials.

The machine is controlled by siemens plc system.

It has user-friendly operator panel software.

Precise control and fastening are performed on the product with linear scales, pressure transmitter and proportional valves.

It provides ergonomic use with its movable cooperator arm and panel.

It can be used with liquid nitrogen tank.

With additional equipment, the liquid nitrogen tank can be controlled.


Machine Working Principle

My site consists of 3 stages in total. The material is cryogenically cooled. It is placed in the fastening adapters on the product. With PLC control, the bushing is nailed to the body with pressure time path information. In the bushing fastening process, it is ensured that the fastening process on both sides is simultaneous with the precision ruler.

Process Steps
Recipe Selection
arranging pieces
Cooling with liquid nitrogen
Personal safety
Assembly of the body to the machine
Assembling the product to be hammered
fastening process
Receiving the product from the machine
Select the BOM.
Cooling the bushings to be driven with liquid nitrogen
Plc controlled bushing operation
Removing the crushed product from the machine

Wear goggles, apron and gloves to protect from cold product.
In the Liquid Nitrogen tank, fill the cooling vessel with liquid nitrogen.
The filling should be enough to cover the product length.
Immerse the bushings in the cooling vessel with the help of a crane.
Close the lid of the cooling container.
wait about 10 min.
The products are ready to be used in the press.

operator panel

User friendly design
Ability to prepare 1000 product recipes
Auto Manual quick selection button
Manual hammering mode
Auto flashing mode
Maintenance schedule and warnings
Troubleshooting mode.
Color TFT display

Machine Operation Logic

Machine Specifications

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