Sheet Coil Transport Trolley

It is a fully automatic design designed for the transport of coil sheets in industrial facilities and industry, to transport the bees to the zones or to transport them to the guillotine. It has PLC controlled and manual models. The product shown in the picture is a plc controlled fully automatic model. Radar distance control and automatic detection system are available at the front and rear. The product is used in the safe transfer of iron and aluminum sheet rolls in different sizes, max. 40 tons. Our product works with bar feed. there is no cable reel contamination. It is a fully automatic design designed for moving guillotine.

Machine Operation Logic

Machine Specifications

Taşıma Kapasitesi : 40 Ton
Motor Sayısı : 2 adet
Motor Gerilimi : trifaze / monofaze isteğe bağlı
Motor Gücü : 2.2 Kw
Maksimum Çalışma Sıcaklığı : 60 Derece
Motor Fren Tipi : Disk Fren
Tekerlek Çapı : 200 mm
Redüktör Devri : 33,3 Devir / Dakika
Taşıma Arabası Hızı : 20 Metre / Dakika
Bara Akımı : 120 Amper
Ray Tipi : A75 Standart Ray

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