Nut Breakout Testing machine

The test machine has a complex structure built on mechanics, hydraulics, electronics and software.

The hydraulic used on the machine is a special test hydraulic system. Used pistons ctop system seals are quick-change cylinders. Classic welded cylinder is not used. The mechanical body is designed to work for many years using induction shafts. Precision self-lubricating bearings are used on the shafts. The loadcell used in the system has been selected as a special test series that will withstand 10 tons of force. Loadcell is the most important component of this machine. It is a product family with high repeatability and resolution.

The system is PLC controlled. All data can be entered through the operator panel.

With the Additional Software package, PC connection can be made and all data can be traced backwards.

Machine Operation Logic

Product selection

Weld nut size to be tested is selected on the touch operator panel.


Apparatus Change

According to the nut thread size to be measured, the lower support apparatus and the upper fastening apparatus are changed.


Weld Nut Test

For the nut to be tested, the speed pressure program written on the recipe is run and the test is done.


Conclusion and Evaluation

From the source test, the break from the velocity time is plotted. The recipe is successful with its successes, the information is given as soon as the result is passed. Values are stored in memory.


Machine Specifications

Nut Dimensions : M4-M16
Compression Force : 10000 kg 9810 Nevton
Engine : 3 Kw asynchronous
Pump : 4 liters Minute
PLC : Siemens s7 1200
Operator Panel : Siemens Simatic 7 inç
Loadcell : 10 000 kg ESİT
Dimensions : Width 500x Length 750 x Height 1950
valves : Eaton Vickers
cylinder : CTOP 80x300

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