Carton Waste Stripper Machine

Carton Waste Stripper Machine


Generally, Printing sectors use Carton Waste Stripper for cutting waste of edge of Carton, cardboard, cardboard box, paper, etc. GDF Engineering always give precedence to Quality, durability, user friendly, safety. As GDF Engineering’s R&D have been developing and evaluating based on these criteria.  While we making a benchmarking, we designed and improved according to our policy that is Customer satisfaction.


Design Criteria


After R&D Department designed this product then try in sector for a long time to observe and figure out missing, problematic and customer demands. Earned experiences and “Know How” reflect to design stage and launched upon new products penetrate to Global Market, after all products tested two years. So, we challenge with our products.  Specifications, 

Carbide and special Hardened Cutter Chain,

Adjustable Chain Stretching,

Extra safety control system (Only we have),

User friend,

How it works?


  • No need electricity, Works with pneumatic engine drives.
  • 4500 RPM engine.
  • 6 bar Air Pressure,
  • Changeable and adjustable Cutter Chain system.
  • Most important point, Works with 2 triggers to prevent any work accident.



General Specifications,


  • Compact Body,
  • Special Aluminum alloy pneumatic engine body,
  • Carbide Cutter Chain housing and body,
  • Exhaust system,
  • Automatic lubrication system,
  • Special automatic Chain stretching system,
  • Durable Tungsten Carbide alloy steel used for cutter chain
  • Ergonomic design for user
  • Environment Friendly

Packing Content

  1. Carton Waste Stripper Machine
  2. Pneumatic Regulator
  3. Pressure Manometre
  4. Drier and holder Water filter
  5. Conditioner Lubrication housing
  6. Spiral hose
  7. User Manual


Machine Operation Logic

System Air and Lubrication

My system operates with 6 bar pressure and is automatically lubricated from the line.


Safety Measures

Since the product works with the cutter chain system, take safety precautions and read the user manual.



Hold the attachment with the left hand and press the trigger with the right hand. Bring the product into contact with the cardboard you want to cut.


Machine Specifications

Operating pressure : Between 4-10 Bar (nominal 6 Bar)
Operating temperature : -10 degrees + 45 degrees
Working speed : 4500 RPM
Recommended Lubricating Oil : Mobil DTE 24 Conditioning Oil
Estimated Air Consumption : 12 CFM (20 m3h)
Weight : 3,7 Kg
Motor : South Korea Origin pneumatic motor
Body : stainless steel
Chain : Tungsten Carbide Steel
Stretching : GDF Design automatic tensioning
Noise : Reduced noise level

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