Air Leak Test Machine

Leak Testing Machine


It is coded for the assembly lines of the Sequential Automotive, Tractor and Work Machines.

The product works with the principle of sending air as much as the pressure volume into a closed container during the operation period, closing the system and precisely controlling the location of the air sent.

working principle,

It works with the principle of escape from the high pressure environment of the air to the low pressure environment.

If there is a leak in the system, there will be a pressure loss. The machine finds this loss value and makes a decision.

Machine Operation Steps,

  • The product model to be tested will be created from the operator panel.
  • Air system website as much as the model information in the bill of material.
  • Internal pressure is balanced by adjusting by air.
  • The solenoid valve closes and the system moves for the time specified in the prescription.
  • During the period, the system is controlled by sensitive pressure transmitters.
  • The leakage value obtained at the end of the period is compared with the online value.​
  • The results are automatically evaluated by the PLC and OK or NOT OK is given.

General features,

It is a user-friendly machine with a 10 inch Beijer operator panel controlled by Siemens S7 1200 PLC.

The machine works with 220 volts network voltage. Safety measures such as leakage current protection are available on the machine.

The screen is supported by a graphical interface. It shows instant filling and illegal sharing.

It was filtered from the air system with water trap and particle filters.


Machine Operation Logic

Machine System Test

It tests itself with the software embedded in the system.


Making connections

The machine is quickly and easily connected to the body to be tested with the Quick coupling at the end of the measuring port.


Air Preparation

Air is pressed into the product to be leak tested up to the air value selected from the recipe in the PLC.


Leakage Test

My system automatically balances the air pressure and goes to standby. After waiting, the leak test gives true or false.


Air discharge

If the sealing is ok, the air will be released automatically



Connection couplings are dismantled and the tightness tester is ready for a new test.


Machine Specifications

Operating voltage : 220 volts
Required Air Pressure : 6 bar
Operating pressure : 0 - 2 bar
operating temperature : -10 + 40 Degrees
Screen size : 10 inches
Internal Working Voltage : 24 DC
PLC : S7 1200
Power source : Omron
Proportional valve : SMC
Transmitter : VIKA

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