Hot and Cold Washing Machine

Hot Cold Washing Machine

It has been developed especially for factories where hygiene is important, such as food production areas. It is a PLC controlled smart hot cold selectable high pressure washing machine. GDF High pressure hot and cold washing machines always keep their hot water tank ready by using the heat energy from the closed circuit line of the hot water used in the process. Under normal conditions, it does not make electric heating with resistance. It does not use environmental polluting smoke producing products such as diesel or burnt oil.

It is extremely hygienic and environmentally friendly.

As GDF engineering, we reduce your carbon footprint.

What is a Pressure Washer

It has been developed to meet the need for fast and cost-effective cleaning of contaminated surfaces or products in the industry, especially in factories.

It works with the principle of removing the dirt on the surface by pressurizing the water coming from the line. Almost all sectors, especially car wash and carpet washing sectors, use pressure washing machines.

Pressure washer types

Pressure machines are divided into two groups according to the temperature condition.

  1. Cold water pressure washer
  2. Hot water pressure washer

Hot water pressure washers

  • Electric pressure washer
  • Diesel pressure washer

Advantages of Hot Water Washing Machine

  • Cleaner and more hygienic washing than cold washing
  • Reduction in chemical use
  • Reduction in washing times
  • Reduction in water use
  • Less energy consumption due to short working time
  • It provides 35% cost advantage in total.

Disadvantages of Conventional Hot Water Washing

  • Electric ones consume more energy.
  • Those with liquid fuels release carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and smoke into the environment.
  • It is necessary to constantly refuel. They burn explosively, their hells are pierced, they leak fuel to the environment.

Working Principle

The hot water coming from your process line heats the water in the machine tank with the heat exchanger.

The water temperature in the boiler is kept under constant control with the plc system. If there is a sudden temperature drop, the resistances are switched on sequentially. There are 3 resistors on my site. These resistors do not normally work.

The water coming from the mains line passes through the 100 micron inlet filters. In this way, the ceramics on the pumps are protected and the longevity of the system is ensured.

It is pressurized between 50 bar and 400 bar according to the need with a PLC controlled special hot water pump.

Continuous or gun trigger modes are selected from the operator panel and the product is cleaned cost effectively.

Machine General Features

  • Siemens PLC control
  • 1000 liter double serpentine hot water storage tank
  • Stainless hot water pump
  • By-pass safety system
  • Residual current protection, motor protection and complete safety system
  • TFT 7 inch touch screen
  • Function selections such as user assignment, password setting, pressure adjustment, automatic opening and closing can be made on the screen.
  • 500 bar steel braided hose
  • Self-winding tanbur system​

Usage Areas

  • Automobile manufacturing plants
  • Tractor production factories
  • Integrated farms
  • Chicken turkey production facilities
  • Olive oil and flower oil factories
  • Great hotel and resort kitchens
  • Tomato paste and canning factories
  • It is used in all factories where food and hygiene are important.

Machine Operation Logic


Plc control system can be adapted to trigger sizing and motor type triggers by experiment. The start-up starts slowly and the pressure reaches the value.



It heats the water in the hot water boiler with the process water coming from the line, according to the Machine Plc system and operator preferences. It goes into sleep mode when the heating process is finished or if it is not used for a long time.



The system is kept in standby continuously with Siemens PLC system. The system wakes from sleep mode when you touch the trigger or touch the screen.



It provides a safe washing with the trigger automatic gun. If the gun trigger is released somehow, the machine will stop automatically. It offers different washing preferences with 3 types of pressure nozzles.


Machine Specifications

Çalışma Basıncı : 10-250 bar
Motor Gücü : 11Kw / 15Hp
Pompa : Yerli Üretim Seramik Pistonlu
Otomasyon Sitemi : Siemens S7 1200
Ekran : 10 inç OMRON
Hortum : 3/8" çelik Örgülü 500 Bar
Isıtma : 1" serpantin 3 adet 15 Kw
Tank Hacmi : 1000 Litre
Filtrasyon : 50 Micron
Tabanca : Sızdırmaz Tetikli Tabanca

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