Jeans Bleaching Spray Machine

Chemical spraying machine

It works integrated with washing machines. It is a fully integrated product that is used for homogenized bleaching or dyeing of jeans, jeans jacket or other products in the drum of the washing machine. It eliminates the color difference or regional differences between products caused by human errors.

General featuresr

It is made of 316 quality complete stainless material suitable for potassium permanganate and other denim bleaching chemicals. It doses the chemical in the chemical tank next to the machine in a precise manner at the desired rate. It is designed to fit 4 guns as an option. Devilbiss Cobra II guns are used on the system.

Program and Automation

My site is fully automated. It has a Siemens plc system on it. The software is specially designed. It can control your denim washing machine by itself. In this mode, operator errors and setting times are minimized. The system automatically ventilates. System cleaning is done automatically.

Filtration, Aeration and Cleaning

There are 100 micron, 50 micron and 20 micron filters in the machine. Changing the filters is extremely easy.

Ventilation is specially designed and there is no fan motor on it. Compressed air and chemical vapors are thrown out through ventilation ducts. Thanks to full automation, there is no pollution in your company, where the chemical vapor dusty.

The machine can make its own internal system automatically. For this, the water connection on the machine must be connected to the city network. Otherwise, by adding water to the chemical tank or other chemical cleaning. can be done.

Machine Operation Logic

Program Selection

The spraying program is selected from the previously prepared product recipe.


Preparation of products

The products to be bleached or dyed are put into the washing machine drum.


Chemical Preparation

chemical preparation can be done in two ways. putting chemicals in the product boiler or putting a mixture adjusted chemical into the boiler.



The process is completed at the specified rate and speed specified in the product recipe.



At the end of the process, the system stops automatically and the machine covers are opened. operator is expected to arrive.


Machine Specifications

Body Material : 316 quality stainless steel
Operating Voltage Turkey : 380 Volt
PLC system : Siemens S7 1200
Dashboard : Siemens simatic 10 inch
In-Panel Voltage : 24 Volt DC
power supply : Omron
Pneumatic System Pressure : 6 Bar
Proportional valves : SMC, Festo
Regulators and pneumatic valves : Festo, SMC, Mert Hidrolik
Mixing tanks : 316 Stainless Steel
Pressure transmitters : VIKA
Manometers : Pakkens -Vika
Flowmeters : Oval gear FLOMEC
Spraying Capacity : 0,01- 12 Liter / Minute

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