Antifreeze Filling Machine


Your assembly line is valuable, flow and time savings are very important, that's why we developed GDF Engineering fully automatic Antifreeze Filling Machine. It ensures that the antifreeze water mixture is adjusted at the desired level and dosed in the desired amount. It provides fast and desired filling of antifreeze to the radiator under vacuum in automotive assembly lines, especially in tractor and work machine assembly lines.

Antifreeze Filling Machine Features


The machine body is compact and can be moved anywhere.

The tanks and boilers inside the machine are made of stainless material.

It has a high suction power oil bath vacuum pump.

It works with Siemens PLC system. It has a user-friendly operator panel program.

Light and handy leak proof adapter adapted to the product.

There are water trap and special micron filter in the air inlet, antifreeze and precision micron filter in the water inlet.


Machine Working Principle


My site works with an automatic process consisting of 8 stages. The recipe stored in its memory is selected either with a barcode reader or with the assistance of the operator. The artificial intelligence supported PLC program on the system presses air into the system, makes a leak test under pressure, makes a vacuum, makes a leak test under vacuum, adjusts the antifreeze water rate according to the product grade in the prescription, makes filling, adjusts the level and cleans the gun against dripping, completes the operation.

Process Steps

  • Prescription Selection
  • Adapter Mounting
  • Air Filling
  • Leak Test
  • Air Release
  • Vacuum
  • Vacuum Leak Test
  • Antifreeze filling
  • Level adjustment
  • Adapter Disassembly


  1. Choose the bill.
  2. Take the adapter from the antifreeze filling machine and attach it to the radiator throat.
  3. Press the START button on the filling adapter. My site will run automatically.
  4. Press the STOP button on the adapter. Attach the filling adapter to the antifreeze filling machine.


Filling Adapter

  • Specially designed aluminum body.
  • Ergonomic user friendly design.
  • Non-drip adapter design.
  • Fast assembly with pneumatic clamping.
  • Can be used on hanger with balancer.
  • Design that can wash itself.


Operator panel


  • User friendly design​
  • Ability to prepare 1000 pieces of product recipe
  • Automatic Manual quick selection button
  • Manual mix preparation mode
  • Manual full mode
  • Manual vacuum and test mode
  • Manual air tight mode
  • Color TFT display


Machine Operation Logic

Recipe Selection and Adapter Assembly

Bill of materials is selected from the operator panel or barcode reader. Filling Adapter is connected to the expansion tank.


Air Compression and Leakage Test

The amount of air specified in the recipe is pressed into the cooling water system, and then a leak test is performed.


Vacuum and testing

The system is quickly vacuumed and then a leak test is performed under vacuum.


Antifreeze Filling

The amount specified in the product recipe is dosed to the cooling system.


Level Adjustment

The mixture level in the expansion tank is adjusted between the min max on the tank.


Machine Specifications

General Dimensions : 2000 x 1200 x 1000 mm
Body : Compact panel type white color
Operating voltage : 380 volt three phase
PLC system : Siemens
Pneumatic system : SMC, Festo, Mert Teknik
Operator Panel : Siemens , Beijer
Power source : Omron
Antifreeze Tank : 100 Liter Stainless Steel
Water tank : 100 Liter Stainless Steel
Filling Adapter : GDF Design ergonomic lightweight solid construction
Mixing Tank : 20 Liter Stainless Steel
Barcode reader : Available Optional
Barcode Printer : Available Optional
Operating pressure : 6 Bar system pressure
Antifreeze and Water Inlet : Line connected
Antifreeze Filter : 50 Micron
Water filter : 50 Micron

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