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Denim It is a durable fabric used in sportswear, especially in jeans. The sector developed rapidly after the 1960s. As a result of this development, various washing techniques emerged. Different patterns and colors could be given to the fabric. Turkey was founded after the 1990 planting and quickly wash jeans workshops. There was a lot of water use and environmentally harmful chemicals. As GDF Engineering, we offer fast and cost effective products to the industry needs.


Where does the name denim come from

Denim started to be produced in the city of Nimes in France. When it comes to meaning from nimes, it has been used as nimes in liturgy. Later, the product started to touch the use of Italian genoa. Genoa blue emerged with the production of blue cotton trousers, which the Genoese sailors (Blue de Genes) call.

Jean branding process

jean branding process started in 1850 with the production of worker's clothes from denim fabrics by Levi Strauss. In the 1940s, competition between Lee and Levis led to the development of new fabric ends. In 1947, Wrangler was established and payment from the market was initiated. With the introduction of Wrangler, denim production for women started and female workers started to wear jean overalls and salopet dresses. With celebrities such as James DEAN and Marlon BRANDO wearing jeans, jean has become a fashion for non-factory clothing.

The proposal from the 1950s and 1960s led to research on different washing techniques and to develop new methods in demand. At the end of the 1980s, with the production of lycra blended fabrics, narrow-leg products emerged new cutting styles. Fashion designers such as Clavin Klein, Armani, Valentino dominated the sector with blue jean screens.

Blue Jean production stages

Blue Jean is a new product from indigo dyed denim fabric. It consists of cutting, sewing, washing, rinsing, drying, ironing and packaging steps after the jean fabric state. The most important of these processes is the denim washing process. The washing style is given to the fabric and different color patterns. As GDF Engineering, we are joining the denim sector at this time.

How We Provide the Grinded Image

The garment sewn product is washed with pumice stones. During this process, it has an abrasive effect on the conveyed fabric and prevents the dye from penetrating the fabric again. The following stage is the bleaching process. The bleaching process is done with potassium permanganate. Here, the most important flour is desired to be sprayed automatically without human touch.

How Do We Manage Projects?

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Kot Ağartma Sprey Makinesi

Kot Yıkama Makinalarına Bağlanarak Entegre Çalışır. Yıkama makinası içinde bulanan denim jean pantolon veya diğer ürünlerin ağartılması prosesi için kullanılır. Potasyum...


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